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11 Clauses You Must Include in Your Craft Beverage Distribution Agreements

December 9, 2020 Business Law

If you are thinking about entering the world of Craft Beverage brewing, there are many things you must consider. One of those is your contracts. Contract law is incredibly important for protecting your rights and your money!

Here are 11 “boilerplate” clauses that you will need to include in your craft beverage distribution agreements:

Choice of Law:

What law governs your contract? This essentially has to do with the fact that many of these agreements are between entities in different states. This is important should there ever be a dispute.


How will you be notified if there is an issue?


Which court will hear your case? A state court?


Where will your dispute be remedied? In your state or in their state?


How and when will this agreement terminate? How can someone get out of the contract? What happens when they do?


This is different from the Termination clause. This has to do with how long the agreement will last.


If one part of the contract is found to be invalid, what happens to the rest of the contract?


Is this the complete contract or are there side discussions or terms or verbal agreements that have been made?

Dispute Resolution:

Do you want to have a court solve any problems or would you prefer to use an alternative- such as arbitration?


Is there anything you want to be kept confidential?

Attorneys’ fees:

Who will pay the attorneys’ fees? Either side or one party?

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