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19 Ways Trademarks Can Get You the Love of Your Life

May 25, 2021 Trademarks

Okay, clearly this blog post is not about dating or you know…love advice.

It’s about trademarks. Trademarks are that mysterious thing you may have heard about. That ® you see next to your favorite brands. Klean Kanteen. PaperMate.

But…trademarks can kind of get you the love of your life, because they can protect something you love (hopefully)- your business, from having to rebrand.

Honestly, I get tired of writing the same stuff over and over again and trying to convince business owners they need a trademark. I’m pretty sure most of them know they need one, but like anything else we avoid because it seems abstract or too expensive, business owners don’t usually get a trademark when they should. I get it.

Hey maybe trademarks can get you the love of your life. If you have a business and you were smart enough to protect it, you’re probably a catch! Just think how much more confident you are too, because you know your business is secure. In fact, let’s pretend trademarks can get you the love of your life, or at least what traits they imply you have. Having a trademark makes you:

  1. Confident. Touched on this already. You can feel confident knowing that your business name, logo, tagline, products are protected and untouchable, untouchable (you know that song, right?)
  2. Smart. Also touched on this. But damn! You’re smart!
  3. Hot. I mean, it could happen. Because if you are awesome enough to have a trademark, you’re hot.
  4. Prepared. You are prepared. Bring it on, other businesses! I’ve got a trademark. Can’t touch this…
  5. Awesome. Self-explanatory.
  6. Awesome again- because you’re not infringing on anyone else’s business.

I can’t think of 19 traits, but I know there are more.

Anyway, even if I got you to read this far, I feel good.

Trademarks are important. They are. They protect you from infringement and they help you not infringe on anyone else. They prevent you from having to re-brand (nightmare!). They will change your life.