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LegalZoom and Trademarks- What You Need to Know Before You Buy

November 18, 2020 Business Law


Many people google trademarks daily. They want to protect their Intellectual Property, as they should. However, one of the first results that pops up is for LegalZoom and their trademark services. Many people then end up using LegalZoom for their trademark needs, only to end up getting an Office Action or a refusal.

Why is this? While LegalZoom is good for a lot of things and definitely accessible and less expensive than a traditional attorney, it is not a replacement for an attorney. This is because LegalZoom is a document preparation website- not an attorney.

Attorneys are necessary for trademarks because we are able to do comprehensive searches- of which the primary goal is to avoid Office Actions from the beginning. We can analyze the results of those searches and give our clients advice about whether they should even apply for a trademark or if they should reconsider their business name. LegalZoom will not do that for you.

So yes, you’ll end up paying more, but what you’ll get is worth it. Even if you do end up with an Office Action, an experienced trademark attorney will know how to deal with that. Do yourself and your business a favor. Hire a trademark attorney.

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