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Copyright News- Group Albums

March 3, 2021 Copyright Law

As of Tuesday, February 23rd, the US Copyright Office issued a final rule creating a new “group” registration option for music albums and works related to that music. This new registration option is called GRAM or Group Registration for Works on an Album of Music. It allows groups to register […]

The 25 Most Important Provisions in a Songwriter-Publisher Contract- Part 1 of 3

February 16, 2021 General

Part of getting music produced is songwriters selling their compositions to publishers (such as those found here- This 3 part blog series will explore the most important clauses in contracts between songwriters and publishers. Sale of the Musical Composition: In nearly every publishing contract, the songwriter is selling his or […]

Why Obé Fitness Has the Right Idea

December 8, 2020 Trademarks

Previously, I discussed the four different types of trademarks and why some are better than others when seeking registration. Since I’ve also been exploring my favorite brands when it comes to trademarks, I decided to discuss Obé fitness and why they are doing it right. Little refresher: There are four […]