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Why Obé Fitness Has the Right Idea

December 8, 2020 Trademarks

Previously, I discussed the four different types of trademarks and why some are better than others when seeking registration.

Since I’ve also been exploring my favorite brands when it comes to trademarks, I decided to discuss Obé fitness and why they are doing it right.

Little refresher: There are four different types of trademarks- generic, descriptive, suggestive, and fanciful/arbitrary. Suggestive and fanciful are the best. Aim for those.

So why is Obé Fitness so great?

Obé is great because they are essentially using ALL of the good kinds of business names. Let’s break this down, shall we?

Obé is basically another way of saying “Obey.” So, people read the name and they see “Obey.” This is a suggestive mark because it doesn’t actually describe anything, but instead requires thought on the part of the consumer.

Obé also could be considered a fanciful mark because obe is not actually a word. It has been completely fabricated by the fine folks who created the company. But this is good!

But they aren’t completely unique…

A quick search of the USPTO trademark database reveals there are several other Obé brands out there. I found a facial serum company using this name too. However, yay for Obé! They have indeed registered their name. Not Obé Fitness, but Obé by itself in the classes of fitness video streaming and fitness equipment. Phew. Now I can rest easily knowing one of my favorite brands is protected.