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Bronze: Get 15% off non-covered legal services when joining.
Silver: After 6 months of membership, get 30% off non-covered legal services.
Gold: After 12 months of membership, get 50% off all non-covered legal services.
Platinum: Exclusive invitation sent to select members.

When you join the Creative’s Legal Program, you will also receive a specialized report that addresses all legal needs you might have- such as contracts, business formation and maintenance, copyright, trademarks, etc.

In addition, you’ll receive:

  • Unlimited phone calls
  • Unlimited document review

You will also gain access to a plethora of legal documents and guides. That way, you can take care of business yourself should you choose.

Finally, get some services for free! All members receive a free Trademark
search after 3 months of Membership!

The best part? The Membership only costs $95 a month.

You can cancel any time, and there are no hidden fees.