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Experienced Oregon Business Attorney

Small businesses are complex and involve many moving parts, but many owners make the mistake of thinking that legal issues are simpler than commercial issues.

In truth, the legal issues affecting small businesses can be (and often are) complex, unpredictable and multilayered.

Small business owners often find themselves frustrated with having to contemplate the potential legal ramifications of a strategic decision.This can be a rather stressful “extra” concern given the need to manage and grow one’s business in a highly competitive marketplace.

Ready for professional assistance from a business lawyer? Yellow Dog Legal can help.

Contact founding business lawyer Nicole Schaefer to speak to an experienced Oregon business attorney about the possibility of legal representation.

Comprehensive, End-to-End Representation

Small businesses often require comprehensive legal services, as their needs are not usually limited to a specific form, compliance issue or other matter. For example, while an individual may only have to contact an attorney once in a while to handle their estate plan, family law dispute or other event, a business must be constantly monitoring their operations from a legal perspective.

One day, the business may need to draft airtight contracts, and another day, they may need to determine whether their new product is in compliance with state and federal regulations. Some time later, they may need help with evaluating their trademarks or even restructuring their business as a corporation/LLC.

That’s a lot to manage! Comprehensive representation in the form of an attached “general counsel” is the answer.

Nicole serves as general counsel for a variety of small businesses, from local mom n’ pop stores to early stage startups. In acting as general counsel, her services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Business succession planning
  • Entity formation
  • Strategic advisory services (i.e., compliance)
  • Commercial transactions
  • Employment issues

Fee Approach

Nicole offers a number of flexible fee arrangements, from flat fee options to ongoing monthly retainer fees and hourly fees, where appropriate. Importantly, Nicole works closely with clients from the very start of a legal engagement to ensure that the fee arrangement is well-suited to their budget and their specific representation-related needs.

If and when modifications are necessary, she will do what she can to make it happen.

This client-centric approach to fees is coded into Yellow Dog Legal’s DNA as a firm. Nicole understands that legal representation in the business context is one that depends fundamentally on trust — trust that the provided legal services are necessary and productive for the client.

Meeting (and exceeding) expectations ensures the development of a healthy and long-term attorney-client relationship — a win-win.

Contact Yellow Dog Legal for Help

Yellow Dog Legal is committed to providing truly comprehensive legal representation to small businesses throughout the state of Oregon.

Nicole has extensive experience working with clients over the long-haul, advising strategically on various commercial and legal matters so that her client’s businesses are not only secured against liability, but are positioned to thrive.


Call Yellow Dog Legal at 971-350-8516 or complete an online intake form to schedule a consultation with Nicole today.