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Offering Client-Focused Representation in Trademarks

Commercial legal matters can be confusing, even for seasoned business owners. Yellow Dog Legal is here to cut through the complexity and offer guidance. Talk to a trademark attorney today.

Looking for a trademark attorney near Portland, OR? Yellow Dog Legal and trademark attorney Nicole Schaefer offer client-centric representation to a wide range of businesses and individuals, including those who are looking to secure their intellectual property (IP) or who are concerned about violating trademarks.

In today’s world, trademarks are extremely valuable — now more than ever before and it could really benefit you to have an experienced trademark attorney. Brands can now reach a global consumer base with a simple click of the button online, thus enhancing the inherent value of business trademarks and copyright. In fact, since the advent of the bold “software startup” in the 1990s, more and more businesses lack significant physical assets. Instead, the value of such companies is usually based on the value of its IP. Securing one’s trademarks is critical. It must be handled with skill and — if possible — early on in your business venture.

Trademark attorney Nicole Schaefer has studied trademarks extensively from the best attorney possible. Since beginning her law career, she has developed insight into the problems that arise from rushed, poorly-drafted contracts and compliance mishaps.

If you’d like to speak to trademark attorney Nicole directly, contact Yellow Dog Legal today to set up a consultation.

IP Law Counseling

As a trademark attorney, Nicole provides counseling and advisory services with respect to the following issues:

  • Trademark searches and advisory letters
  • Trademark registration
  • Office actions
  • TTAB proceedings
  • Cease and Desist Letters
  • Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp Trademarks
  • Copyrights

Yellow Dog legal handles Trademarks in a unique way, in that each case is divided into two parts. This ensures that the client isn’t paying for a Trademark application before knowing whether their name or logo is even available! First Nicole conducts a thorough search and writes an opinion letter, indicating the level of risk for the client. Then, if the client wishes to move forward, Yellow Dog Legal files the application for the client.

Contact A Trademark Attorney for Help

Ready to speak to an experienced trademark attorney about your trademark law concerns? Looking for a trademark attorney near Portland, OR? Call Yellow Dog Legal at 971-350-8516 or complete an intake form online.

Yellow Dog Legal is committed to developing relationships that serve the client’s needs over the long term. She pours significant resources into each client in an effort to understand their industry and business, as well as the overall commercial impact of a given decision on their position in the market. This detail-oriented representation is a central tenet of the Yellow Dog Legal experience. Advocacy should be deeply-attuned to the particularities of a client’s business and the legal matter at-hand, whether the central issue involves an IP-related concern or something else.