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Trademark/Copyright/Business Services and Pricing:

Trademark Search and Application- $3500. Includes:

  • Comprehensive Knockout Search
  • Opinion Letter analyzing search results.
  • Trademark Application (up to $275 in USPTO fees)
  • Free Administrative Office Action Response

Trademark Cease and Desist Letter- $2,250.

Trademark Maintenance– $1025 (per year). Need to renew your trademark? Let Nicole take care of it for you and monitor your trademark for infringement (C+ D letters are a separate charge).

Office Action– $3,250.

Trademark Nation Membership– $199 a year. (See page for more details).

Copyright Application– $1200

Contract drafting– Get all of the contracts your business needs, including employment contracts! $2750

Contract revisions– Did you do your contracts yourself? Do they need to be fixed or changed? Let Nicole fix them. $1,750

Business Subscriptions: Coming soon!

Also, check out my Business Membership programs– with options for general businesses or creative businesses!