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Experienced Oregon Entrepreneur / Attorney Nicole Schaefer

Do you have a legal matter that you’d like handled in an efficient and amicable manner — one that prioritizes you as a client?  Get in touch with Yellow Dog Legal to speak to Attorney Nicole Schaefer on how best to proceed.

Yellow Dog Legal is a client-focused, Oregon-based boutique firm that offers  services relevant to businesses, including the following:

  • Trademarks searches + opinion letters
  • Trademark registration
  • Trademark monitoring
  • Cease and Desist Letters
  • Office Action Responses
  • TTAB prosecution and defense
  • Trademark membership options

 Yellow Dog Legal provides sophisticated representation at a reasonable cost. By making flat fee options accessible to clients, Nicole ensures that they receive efficient and effective service that is aligned with their own financial interests.

Getting to Know Attorney Nicole Schaefer

Nicole gets entrepreneurs- because she is one too. In addition to running Yellow Dog Legal, Nicole started the first online divorce website in Oregon- Let’s Untie the Knot. Nicole also sells on Etsy and has a podcast. Basically, she understands what it’s like to start your own business and what it takes to protect it. 

Nicole aims to provide high-quality legal services and be the life-long business partner most entrepreneurs need! Brand protection is Nicole’s passion, and as a brand protection lawyer, your business will be thoroughly protected with Nicole’s services.

Nicole also prides herself on her virtual law firm. Not only because it’s great to do work in pajamas while eating snacks and petting dogs and cats, also because her nationwide clients receive boutique-quality work without the high prices! With all flat fee and subscription services, you will never ever receive a surprise bill!

Why is your firm called Yellow Dog Legal?

Yellow Dog Legal came about because Nicole was trying to find a name for her firm that truly represented her family, her passions, and her personality. Not content to just name her firm something generic like “Schaefer Law,” Nicole deliberated and asked for help from her family. It was then that her mother suggested Yellow Dog Legal- drawing inspiration from the family’s yellow labrador retrievers. For Nicole, dogs represent protection, friendliness, and loyalty- all important characteristics for lawyers as well. Yellow Dog Legal might seem like an odd name for a Trademark firm, but then again, maybe it’s the perfect name.

Contact Yellow Dog Legal for Help

Interested in speaking with Nicole about trademark-related matters?  Get in touch today.

Call Yellow Dog Legal at 971-350-8516 or complete an intake form online to schedule a consultation.  Nicole is standing by to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.