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These are my “assistants” at Yellow Dog Legal.


Maggie Rocket is a five year old yellow field labrador Retriever. We rescued her when she was only 15 weeks old. Maggie is spunky, energetic, sometimes a trouble-maker, and one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever owned. Her favorite thing to do is “face-time”, during which she will place her face against your face and just stay there.




This is Cody. He’s much bigger now, but this is from when he was a puppy. He’s the official mascot of Yellow Dog Legal. Cody is actually huge! He’s about 85 pounds as of now ( at a year) and might get bigger. He’s very sweet and good-natured. His favorite activities include pulling branches off of trees, chasing squirrels, and playing with his siblings Maggie and Henry.




This is Henry Groot. He’s my dog, technically. He’s part Black Lab, part Border Collie, and part ?. He’s a great dog. He never does anything bad. He just loves people and playing with Cody.